Friday, April 18, 2014


even when she's bad she good. when she's good she's gr8! 

of an extent amount or intensity considerably above good, normal or average. of high ability, quality or eminence over the regular standard. 

2 me ALL of M's career has been good.
but on this good friday
let's look @ what, 2 me is

#boy toy
#lucky star video
#american bandstand "to rule the world" quote 
#1st MTV awards performance of "like a virgin"
#in2 the groove
#dress u up opening of the virgin tour
#live aid 
#true blue album cover
#papa don't preach song & video
#la isla bonita video
#nikki finn cartoon opening of "who's that girl"
#who's that girl movie
#like a prayer album cover, song, video, pepsi commercial 
#express yourself song & video
#vogue song & video
#breathless mahoney
#MTV video music awards performance of "vogue" 
#justify my love banned video
#rescue me
#this used 2 b my playground song & video
#bad girl song & video
#rain song & video
#david letterman FUCK episode 
#bedtime stories album
#secret song & video
#take a bow song & video
#bedtime stories video
#human nature video
#you'll see song & video
#ray of light album
#frozen song & video
#the power of goodbye song & video
#ray of light grammy wins 
#music song & video
#the drowned world tour
#american life video
#hollywood video
#MTV video music awards britney smooch 
#children's book
#live 8
#vogue opening of the reinvention tour
#confessions on a dancefloor album
#hung up song & video
#sorry song & video
#the confessions tour
#rock&roll hall of fame
#4 mins song & video
#girl gone wild song & video
#rebel heart? 
#holy water?
#body shop? 

more 2 come!


"when i get down on my knees it is not 2 pray" 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

the 5 faces of

what only 5? 

let's count 'em:

1. queen of all media
2. material girl
3. buxom platinum blonde
4. marilyn monroe mimicker 
4. '60s throwback twiggy
5. greta garbo copier
6. braided & bunned heidi 
7. sexy elvira 
8. breathless girl born bad
9. rebel
10. i dream of jeannie 
11. french evolutionary 
12. dangerous heat-seeking missile
13. baby mama
14. family madge 
15. pop's original superstar 
16. that girl

well, that took 2 hands...& a few other appendages...
top pg/almost bttm left. some kid's ad in the then, "like a fanzine" fan club mag wanting 2 trade madonna merch & expressing his love 4 the queen & her loyal subjects. some things never change. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


yes, i'm bobo

there r rare occasions that come up that can trump the theme of the current madonnapages @ hand. but it does happen. this is 1 of those occasions & it's about 2 happen now. 
2day is a VERY special man's bday. let's just call him bobo 4 the sake of anonymity. bobo is my bf/boyfriend/partner/husband of the past 9 years. i will not go on & on & on w/all the adjectives that describe who he is or how much he means 2 me, wouldn't even come close to explaining either. there aren't any words strong enough. the closest one is: LOVE.
so a simple "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO" will have to do. 4 that is all the english language has 2 offer on his day.
thinking there isn't a madonna tie-in? wrong. there's quite a major 1. besides working w/many leading ladies of pop "back in the day" such as olivia newton-john, paula abdul & debbie allen...he worked w/1 other woman...u might know her...on a video set...for a video u might have heard of...wait 4 it..."la isla bonita" there. 

1 more tie-in:
a bedtime story if u will,
in the form of a handmade card i made him 9 years ago

Once there was a boy named stephen

he can be difficult, crazy or wrong

but mostly he was happy all the time

he loves another boy named bobo!


(a true story) 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

everything u need. everytime u shop!

her "garbage" is still better than all that other shit sittin' on the curb!

on another note:
a follower asked me,
"where do u go 4 madonna collectibles?" 

the only thing i really collect anymore r pics...
& most of those i simply print out.

when i do want rare, ol' skool or hard 2 find 1's i always go 1 place:
(i'm a huge fan of the "buy it now" button)

my searches r always the same:
madonna pictures
madonna clippings 
madonna rare pics 

so, if any of u "madders" know of another place 4 collectors 
2 get some good shit let me/us know. 

after all,
it is art.
she is art.
1 man's trash 
is another man's treasure. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

female elvis

she'll go down in HER-STORY! 

she already has her place in history.
she earned it. 
it can't be taken away no matter how much they try
& say:

she's a fad
she has no talent 
she can't act
she's not a good dancer
she has a bad voice
she lip-syncs 
she's a man stealer
she's a craddle robber
she's a bitch
she'a virgin
she's a whore
she's a shrewd business woman
she reinvents herself
she's old
she's ugly
she's tired
she's desparate 
she's over

(none of it does matter)


did u know that madonna was born on the same day elvis died? not the same year but the same day. yup, august 16. the king died in 1977 & the queen was born in 1958. just a fun little factoid, do w/it what u want. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

strike a yoga pose

DO try this @ home! 

is the physical, mental & spiritual practices of disciplines which originated in ancient india w/a view 2 attain a state of permanent peace of mind, body & spirit in order 2 experience 1's true self. it is the stilling of the mind & a union w/the divine. 
various traditions of yoga, derived from either of the 2 root words, yujir yoga (2 yoke: join 2gether) or yup samadhau (2 concentrate) r found in hinduism, buddhism & jainism. all leading 2 enlightenment.
in a national survey, long term yogi's (males or females who follows yoga w/a focused commitment) ALWAYS achieve musculo-skeletal & mental health improvements. it helps 2 alleviate health problems, reduce stress & make the spine supple in modern times. it is also w/out a doubt a complete exercise & physical therapy program/routine that will leave u drenched! 
however, the ultimate goal is moksha (liberation) though what form this takes depends on the philosophical & theological system it is taught...meaning, there's several different kinds of yoga & yoga instructors but all have the same goal: unite the individual w/the universe. 
yoga has changed madge's life...& mine 2. it can be as "hippy-trippy" as u want it 2 b or it can b how i approach it: more of an athletic stretch/recovery & muscle toning workout, that just so happens 2 leave u mentally & physically in a better place...not a bad trade off.
all my other workouts: spinning, lifting, running, swimming, bootcamp & abs classes have ALL benefited from the practice of yoga. if u have not tried...u should. it can only benefit u. if u never try u never do. what r u waiting 4 nobodies gonna show u how...well, except the instructor...but, u know what i was goin' 4 there. 


i will be @ 9:00am w/super-duper guru MYA @ maui powerhouse gym.
if ur in the neighborhood...stop by & strike a pose! 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

BAD Raiders


yeah yeah yeah, the "poison penns" as they were dubbed (not dubstopped): madonna & sean (sexy as fuck) penn.
a # 1 theme song called "live 2 tell" from his movie "at close range", an album dedication on "true blue" 2 the "coolest guy in the universe", a critically panned, yet fan favorite film "shanghai surprise" flopped, a wedding crashed by the world media via helicopters, paparazzi beat downs, allegations of abuse, like madonna being tied up & beaten leading 2 the creation of 1 of the best pop records of all time "like a prayer" ALLLLL added up 2 a very tumulus, short lived 5 year marriage of these 2 then, kids.
but like anything "bad" u look back @ it w/some nostalgia & fondness. i always liked them 2gether. i liked how they looked w/each other & i liked how they looked @ each other. always w/passion. that fondness & passion i do believe still exists 2day. 

"who's been the love of ur life?
4 ur whole life?
ur biggest love?"


"sean. sean."

sandra bernhard asking our girl in
"truth or dare"