Friday, November 21, 2014



she has said that Sean Penn was "the one" & claims to have liked Guy Ritchie @ some point (ugh) but i firmly believe the true love of this extraordinary woman's life IS: Jean Paul Gaultier (writing it as fact). & i firmly believe it is mutual. 
the iconic love affair that began in the early 1990's has easily outlasted marriages, divorces, boy toys & Warren Beatty. now THAT'S true L'Amour.
& with this relationship the end results have been: pop culture history! his designs have covered the original "material girl" during several of her tours: reinvention, confessions & MDNA: w/the metal corset homage to his 1990 cone bra creation for the career defining (4 both of 'em): BLOND AMBITION TOUR. 
she's attended & walked the runways of his fashion shows, she's inspired the look of his perfume, as well as a signature coca-cola bottle, they've done photo shoots & magazine covers w/1 another &...they look like they are having SO much fun doing it! i love that the most! 
there's a pic of the 2 of them snapped around 2001ish, @ a street cafe in Paris that i always think of when i think of the 2 of them. it's simple, easy, they both look great & there's a sense of true friendship that shines through. for both of them, & her especially i think they know & appreciate that the most. 
hey, every girl needs "her gay" & every gay needs his icon. what luck (for all of us) they found each other when they did. "get together" indeed. TLA. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

mixed media


mixed messages.
mixed emotions.
mixed up world. 
all in 1 giant mixing bowl known as:

need proof of that? 
take a look @ what we have here
on these 2 pages alone,
shall we...

disco balls
disco lights 
wine bottle
million $ diamond encrusted eyelashes 
pencil drawing 
cowboy hat
magazine covers galore
dance moves
charity event 
g-a-y nightclub
cone bra 
the planter's nut logo guy
roller skates 
a mouse 
geisha girl attire 
film roles 
yoga poses 
playboy magazine

u thought YOU were conflicted! 
but hey,
THAT'S our girl! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


get her new groove things! 


krave (crave):
to feel a powerful, intense desire or longing4 something. like, wanting, needing & waiting. 

a fertile spot, usually in a desert where refuge, relief or pleasant contrast is found. such as water, that one would swim to the ocean shore to get to or coverage from the sun's ray of light. 

not to mention:

in the midnight @ the oasis hour i can feel your power! 

(see, ever word ever spoken) 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


SHE'S ur phoenix from the fire, ur desire!

adopted as a symbol by early Christianity, this mythical bird typically dies by fire in most versions of this centuries old legend. in less popular readings of this myth, the royal dies & simply decomposes before it is born again (meh). the more favored & commonly known story is one of the vibrantly colored bird rising from the ashes directly after the flames from the fire have been extinguished to signify, not only rebirth but strength, power & a new sense of purpose. 

hmmm...yup, she's our royal bird alright! 

it is said that the phoenix could live for over 14,000 years before rebirth! now, i'm sure it's only a coincidence (or is it?) but THE MADONNA PAGES Facebook page just hit 14,000 likes. hmmm...ponder that one boys & girls. 

Monday, November 17, 2014


Don't worry! Don't panic!

fever, it's coming down
& i feel it when u come around 
i try my best just 2 keep my cool
so i don't come off looking like the fool
my heart is in my knees
u can't imagine what u do to me

i'm in a state 
of manic panic
i can't relate 
my body starts to feeling frantic 
i'm acting like a total addict 
i'm in a state 
a state of manic panic

passion, just can't ignore
& it happens 
when u hit the door 
i feel a heat 
it's such a rush
& there ain't nothin' that i like so much 
don't know just what to do 
u can't imagine what u put me through

i'm in a state of manic panic
when i get this way
ain't nothin' ever copacetic 
going insane it's automatic 
i'm in a state 

said give me a break 
somebody gimmie a breakdown 

u can't imagine what u do to me!

"manic panic" 
(4 the record, i LOVED me some Sheena)

now, why in the world would/could the M-A-D-O NNA be in a panic? 
mmm...perhaps because: 

like a virgin is 30 years old?

Guy Ritchie directing again?

Guy Ritchie going on tour w/u? 

having to touch Guy Ritchie?

kissing Britney Spears after she's scarfed down a bad of Doritos?

the same headphone pic repeated 3 times?

the latest uploads being from 2006?

saying you're sorry?

yoga poses as dance moves?

cassingles GONE!?!

carrying yet another suitcase into yet another hall?

free attitude? attitude free?

missing 1 of your million dollar diamond encrusted eyelashes? 

needing a new non-sweat-soaked wife beater?
(tank top that is, not Sean Penn)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Does my ass look good?"

(take non-gross-greasy-ass note)

Q: does my ass look good?
A: i haven't seen a recent picture of Guy Ritchie, so i couldn't tell ya. 

Kim K's bare fake-airbrushed-ass pic marks the day pop culture officially died. DEAD. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014



doesn't MADONNACHELLA sound like the smoothest, creamiest, decadent, lux italian gelato? right? gimme a spoon full of THAT! it's light, it's refreshing, it's new, it's decadent, it's pop, it's melts in your mouth & is never watery (especially on stage)! emm...emm... EMM! MADONNACHELLA! sorry...have to say it: it's STICKY & SWEET! 

after all she DID refer to herself as: "creamy smooth pop goddess"